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Who is responsible for the future? If you’ve ever asked that question and not come up with a quick comfortable answer, then congratulations! It’s YOU.


More Intelligent Tomorrow started as a DataRobot podcast. We wanted to ask what we thought was a simple question – How do we get to a more intelligent tomorrow? Through a full season of recording enlightening conversations with so many incredible guests, we learned that the answer is anything but simple, but the conversation itself is critical.


Once we opened the box, we realized we needed to do more. So, we decided the next best step was to foster a future-focused community and feed it with all types of thought-provoking content. More Intelligent Tomorrow is now more than a podcast, it is a media property dedicated to illuminating the future, shining a light on the humans who should become the heroes of the machine intelligence revolution.

The dizzying pace of innovation is continuing to accelerate, and AI is the new engine of that innovation. A bounty of world-changing advanced technologies are on our doorstep, almost all of them underpinned by rapidly increasing AI capabilities. As the fourth industrial revolution gains steam, every facet of society will be impacted. That fact is undeniable. Change is unavoidable. But the path of that change is within our influence. This is why we need candid conversations about the future that will inspire and inform how all of us can contribute positively to tomorrow.


Our promise is to engage and promote a wide spectrum of voices through a variety of formats to foster rigorous debate and scrutiny around these extremely fast-moving, life-changing, technological breakthroughs.


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