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A Legacy of Military Intelligence

General David Patraeus Ari Kaplan
General David H. Petraeus, Ari Kaplan
S1 Ep39 · January 25, 2022

General David Petraeus has been one of the most influential military leaders in U.S. history, from being the CIA director to commanding armed forces in Iraq and the coalition of forces in Afghanistan. In this episode, recorded in March 2021, he speaks on human and augmented intelligence in warfare, cybersecurity, deep fakes, AI trust, and his ongoing work with the KKR Global Institute.

Ultimately, humans will be enabled by machines unbelievably. Ultimately, humans will be replaced to some degree, again, by machines and by artificial intelligence systems. That’s what lies ahead of us. In certain respects, that’s wonderful. Some of the more monotonous and routine and repetitive tasks of life again can be performed by machines rather than humans, but the question is what do those humans do and what fields will there be increased demand for humans as machines replace them in certain sectors and certain industries and certain activities?


Right now, it is still possible to determine pretty quickly with a machine, again, which is learning and artificial intelligence to identify deep fakes, but as they get ever more sophisticated, that task will require ever more sophisticated machines and artificial intelligence systems. Again, that battle is going to be going on.


When you look at warfare and what’s going on in that realm, we’ve actually had … an aircraft that was piloted, if you will, by artificial intelligence, defeated an aircraft in a dogfight … that was piloted by a human.


General David Patraeus
General David H. Petraeus
Partner, KKR and Chairman of the KKR Global Institute | KKR & Co. Inc.
Ari Kaplan
Ari Kaplan
Global AI Evangelist
More Intelligent Tomorrow
Born To Fly with AI
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