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Space – The Final AI Frontier?

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Chris Mattmann, Ben Taylor
S1 Ep10 · January 25, 2022

NASA’s principal data scientist, Chris Mattman, provides a scintillating discussion of how AI enables semi-autonomous rovers on Mars today and how the future of space exploration will benefit from fully autonomous AI-driven robots.

Instead of getting back 200 images per day to tell us what to do the next day on Mars, we can send back one million captions over that same thin pipe by running deep learning on board. We call that drive-by science.

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The greatest minds of our generation are trying to figure out who poked who on social media. What a waste. Let’s put those minds towards solving some of these important problems.

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Chris Mattman
Chris Mattmann
Division Manager, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Innovative Development, JPL
Ben Taylor
Former Chief AI Evangelist
Tags: Artificial Intelligence More Intelligent Tomorrow Season 1 space space travel

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