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Cracking Our Genetic Code with AI

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David Bernick, Puneet Batra, Ben Taylor
S1 Ep26 · January 25, 2022

The Broad Institute is leading the way with The Human Genome Project by acquiring and doing analysis on some of the largest datasets of full gene sequences. Can we cure single mutation diseases?

How do you find a correlation when you have over three billion variables that could impact the outcome?

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Our data is to be shared, it just has to be shared correctly. We are fully aware that a security breach is existential.

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You can look for measurements on their echocardiogram and see how large someone’s left ventricle is in their heart and compare that to their genome.

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David Bernick Headshot
David Bernick
CISO at Broad Institute
Puneet Batra
Puneet Batra
Director, Machine Learning at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Ben Taylor
Former Chief AI Evangelist
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