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Adaptation and Gamification

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Eric Boduch, Ben Taylor
S1 Ep05 · January 25, 2022

In this episode, Eric discusses what building Pendo was like in the early days and how four seasoned founders allowed them to grow the company quickly. He also discusses how AI is often too focused around the buzz rather than the problem. And we explore fun topics, such as augmented reality and the future of AR/VR technology.

A lot of people start with buzzwords and then try to build solutions, rather than starting with the problem they want to solve.

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Game design can have impact on B2B: how do we make people’s jobs more fun? I can see a world where learning things is more fun, where education is more fun thanks to VR.

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Inovation is great, as long as you ship those innovations. You’ve got to get stuff out into the marketplace and learn from the users of the product.

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Eric Boduch
Eric Boduch
Co-Founder, Pendo
Ben Taylor
Former Chief AI Evangelist
AI Predictions, AI everyday,
10,000 Casts: Can AI Predict When You’ll Catch a Fish?
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