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More Intelligent Tomorrow

Born To Fly with AI

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George Matus, Ben Taylor
S1 Ep04 · January 25, 2022

In this fascinating episode, George Matus discusses some of the early drone failures as a kid, including running a 40lb drone into his basement wall while preparing for an important demo in the bay area. The future of drone technology is very exciting. George discusses applications, technologies, and future directions we can look forward to seeing in the future.

How many drones didn’t fly in highschool? Most of them.

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How do we solve infinite flight for drones? AI will actually be what solves it, allowing for collaborative communication between drones so new drones can cycle in where others have left off.

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The government is funding AI and autonomy systems for drone search capabilities.

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George Matus
Founder, Teal Drones
Ben Taylor
Former Chief AI Evangelist
More Intelligent Tomorrow
A Legacy of Military Intelligence
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