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More Intelligent Tomorrow

Humanity’s Countdown to Artificial Intelligence

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Michael Kanaan, Ben Taylor
S1 Ep01 · January 25, 2022

Michael Kanaan is an author and former co-chair for AI for the U.S. Air Force, currently working at MIT. We discuss some simple, yet uncommon and profound concepts. The idea of partnering with the old for a successful AI campaign or pinning the rose on someone to keep pace with innovation are new concepts. He also stresses the importance of educating the public about AI ethics. His book, T-AI, does just that, by discussing very complicated topics in an approachable way.

How do I stay up to date? I personally live at being at MIT nowadays. I feel like I’m always looking at whatever the latest advancement is

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You have to pin the rose on somebody. You have to pin the rose on somebody to evangelize a charge. To inspire other people to pay attention to it.

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Data, for a computer, is experience to us. And these things are really merging right now. Right? They’re one and the same. If I had a drone that followed me around all day and took pictures of me and my family and someone destroys that, well the first question I’d ask is what are the laws in place for property loss, damage.

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Michael Kanaan
Michael Kanaan
Author - T-AI
Ben Taylor
Former Chief AI Evangelist
More Intelligent Tomorrow
A Legacy of Military Intelligence
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