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More Intelligent Tomorrow

Moving Past Artificial Intelligence To Augmented Intelligence

DanWright Nick-King
Dan Wright, Nick King
S1 Ep36 · January 25, 2022

Companies need to be confident about the accuracy, fairness, governance, and lack of bias in their models. Hear how DataRobot partners with them to build that confidence.



Through automation and the end-to-end lifecycle, we dramatically accelerate the time to value. Data scientists can focus on solving hard problems—and do it at warp speed.

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Consider fairness in hiring. Everybody has bias—and many are unaware of it. We say, ‘These are the candidates you should choose from.’ Bias and fairness monitoring are built in.

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A huge number of use cases impact society and individuals at a very human level—like vaccine trial locations, when to reopen schools, or how many ventilators a hospital needs.

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Dan Wright
Former CEO, DataRobot
Nick King
Enterprise Marketing and Product Executive
Tags: AI bias Artificial Intelligence augmented intelligence automation governance machine learning More Intelligent Tomorrow Season 1

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