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Prospecting Video with AI

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Ari Kaplan, Kanad Bahalkar
S2 E24 · August 22, 2022

Synthetic media may sound like a suave, futuristic idea. But it is happening right now and the concept is a simple one. Synthetic media can be defined as creating videos, audio, and text content using AI or any other software tools. However intriguing synthetic media may seem, very few people understand the gravity of this technology and just how awesome and scary it can be.

Joining us today is the Chief Product Office and Co-Founder of Potion, Kanad Bahalkar. Potion is a synthetic media platform and, since its conception almost two years ago, it has undertaken to make synthetic media a more secure, safe, and efficient process for everybody involved. Their initial focus has been geared towards their sales staff, with the salespeople creating personalized videos to send out to potential customers. Much like many email tools, Potion uses a person’s first name as personalization parameters, and its AI technology is able to create accurate lip syncs without having to record each video individually.

Key Points From This Episode:

– What synthetic media is and its commercial benefits.
– The plague of piracy in the modern world.
– Potion as a company and what they are currently focused on.
– The benefits of synthetic media for the entertainment industry.
– Deepfake technology and the future of synthetic media.

Ari Kaplan
Ari Kaplan
Global AI Evangelist
Kanad Bahalkar
Chief Product Office and Co-Founder of Potion
Tags: ai deep learning More Intelligent Tomorrow personalization Season 2 video

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