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Seeing Value with AI in Eyecare

Robby Dally – Alcon Ari Kaplan
Robby Dally, Ari Kaplan
S1 Ep19 · January 25, 2022

How can human and artificial intelligence collaborate in eyecare? Robby Dally shares his experiences on trusting AI to dramatically cut repetitive problem-solving time.

This is the most fun I’ve had in any of my jobs since I’ve been at Alcon. And I’m not just saying that because you’re talking to me on a podcast.

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Time series is a difficult piece as I like to say, and it’s super valuable. And what you realize with time series is that nuance matters.

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If I look at my calendar and I have a day full of meetings, I’m kind of sad. I’m like, “Oh man, I don’t get to go in and mess with my data.”

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Robby Dally – Alcon
Robby Dally
Director, Global Insights and Analytics at Alcon
Ari Kaplan
Ari Kaplan
Global AI Evangelist
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