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More Intelligent Tomorrow

Shiny AI Toys on Real-World Problems

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Cindi Howson, Ben Taylor
S1 Ep35 · January 25, 2022

We explore why AI projects fail and the potential risk of amplifying bias as we look to a future of hyperscaling AI applications.

We don’t celebrate the promise of AI—we celebrate the success. Exactly.

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To predict when wells will break and run dry in Africa, that is more than a shiny new toy—that is profound impact.

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Do you love being a host on The Data Chief Podcast? Yes, I love being a host. I love finding their stories and giving them a stage to share. I think it is one of the hardest jobs because you are in the middle and getting pushback on all sides.

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Cindi Howson
Chief Data Strategy Officer At ThoughtSpot
Ben Taylor
Former Chief AI Evangelist
Tags: ai Artificial Intelligence data science machine intelligence More Intelligent Tomorrow Season 1

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