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From Illegal Car Dealing to Tech CEO

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Tyler Hall, Ben Taylor
S1 Ep02 · January 25, 2022

Tyler discusses the roller coaster ride of flipping 90 cars illegally during college to later becoming a tech co-founder and CEO. Sometimes the most memorable founder memories are on business trips, like getting in a hit and run accident with their Uber late at night after closing a large AI contract. Tyler is one of the rare few who understands how to sell AI to a lay market, the car dealership space.


So it’s almost like you being a car dealer is extra shady because you’ve got cars in your pocket somehow, or we’re gonna meet at night and you’re gonna sell me an Escalade. That’s what I’m thinking about when you’re describing this class B misdemeanor.


So you do the deal, you get the data. How long does it take to go from data to a model that you’re willing to share? What are the timescales?


Well, if I found out you were writing code, I’d short your startup. Not because I think you would be bad at coding, but I would think you were very distracted from your role, roles and responsibilities


Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall
Founder, CEO at Drivably
Ben Taylor
Former Chief AI Evangelist
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