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Understanding Ourselves Better with AI

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Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ben Taylor
S1 Ep14 · January 25, 2022

In this episode, Dr. Tomas explores the benefits of using AI to help people gain a better understanding of themselves and others around them in the workplace. Humans are peculiar creatures who enjoy living inside their social bubbles. Dr. Tomas notes that everyone should strive to become a less biased version of themselves.

Our goal at Deeper Signals is to provide people with a better understanding of themselves and others, and we combine behavioral science, technology, and AI to accomplish this.

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Is lying useful in the workplace? Absolutely.

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It is a worthy endeavor to try to become a less biased version of ourselves. I do think that technology, data, machines, and AI can enhance our abilities to be more rational and thoughtful.

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Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Chief Talent Scientist at Manpower Group, co-founder of Deeper Signals and Metaprofiling
Ben Taylor
Former Chief AI Evangelist
More Intelligent Tomorrow
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