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More Intelligent Tomorrow

What Will Influence the Influencers?

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Ricky Ray Butler, Ben Taylor
S1 Ep32 · January 25, 2022

Nobody knows more about influencer marketing than Ricky Ray Butler, the CEO of Branded Entertainment Networking. In this conversation, we explore the reality of ad exhaustion and discuss AI’s role in helping to navigate the influencer marketing space.

We ended up spending $1,500 on an influencer and making $40,000. It was amazing! We thought we had cracked this nut. We would go to agencies and big brands and get laughed out of rooms. This content is too raw, too organic.

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In the future, you could imagine this being used in a horror movie, where if you aren’t scared now you’re going to be.

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To be honest, when we talk about our bot detection, we position it as a terminator war between us and all of the bots out there. The bots continue to act more human.

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RRB Headshot
Ricky Ray Butler
CEO, BEN Group
Ben Taylor
Former Chief AI Evangelist
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